What is CoEcOS

CoEcOS is an acronym which stands for "Collaborative Economy Operating System".

Unlikly a classic Operating System which manages CPU, RAM, IO and Storage

CoEcOS is a set of Algorithms, Rules, Mechanics and Ethical advises upon you can easily build your healthy and sustainable economic business model or application.

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Why does a Collaborative Economy needs an OS?

Currently its not clear if a Business you deal with is at line with your own mind set, goals or ethics. CoEcOS will make sure that all talents, efforts and contributions will be seen and create the best possible value for both the contributor and the recipient (eg Software Company, Publisher) who wants to monetize those content contributions.

What does it cost?

The implementation of coecos is 100% free. Coecos itself isn't an application. It's a set of "rules". Nevertheless you can donate if you think its useful for your project or you want to support us.

How can I contribute?

Do you have a collaborative business, do you want to be clear and open to your customers, employees and contributors? Read our Manifest (available soon), Clone it from , improve it and send a pull request. Our board of partners (maybe join the coecos foundation?) will decide what will be in the next release and what have to be improved further to be considered.

If you are a content creator, software developer or otherwise creative mind consider being part of our new home for creative professionals (with build in CoEcOS ;-)). will make sure, that every tiny bit of work counts for you and is fun at the same time.

I want to know more...

Our Pitch Deck, suitable for a quick overview, is available on request. If you need more detailed technical information or prefer an in depth personal meeting with the founder please contact Carsten Aevermann via